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System Administration

We provide custom email services and can keep your email bounce rate under 5%, maintaining your Amazon SES sender reputation, which is required to utilize the AWS Simple Email Service (SES).

We design and implement security for your system and provide security patching so that your valuable information is protected.

We can architect your system from the ground up, working with you to understand your design, making recommendations, and coming to agreement on what works best for you based on your priorities.

We can build and deploy your system on the platform of your choice with our experience utilizing Amazon Web Services, Azura, Google Cloud, GoDaddy, and many more.

We build backups of your system so that when disaster strikes your web front is recovered without interruption to your business.

We provide load balancing and capacity scaling so that you save money and can always meet the demands of your customers.


Database Administration

We have extensive experience in extraction, translating, and loading (ETL) data management. Wherever you want your data and wherever you need it, we can make sure it is in the right place at the right time every time.

We make sure that you don’t overpay by carefully tuning your database servers to the levels needed by your application, balancing performance against cost according to your needs.

We offer backup and recovery services for your data, making sure that you don’t lose anything needed to keep your business running.

We follow cutting edge cybersecurity practices to protect you and your customers from malicious activity.

We have experience in both SQL and NoSQL databases including but not limited to AWS, MySQL, Postgres, Informix, Mongo, and Redis.


API Development

We have worked with a broad range of application programming interfaces (API)s and we are confident that we can handle any API which you need for your project. Some examples of APIs we have worked with include:

Payment Processors such as Stripe, Forte, Authorize.Net, and PayPal.
Shipping Managers such as ShipHawk and FedEx.
Tax Calculators like TaxJar and Avatax.
Sales Interfaces like Salesforce and Zoho CRM.
Financial Management with QuickBooks Online.
Inventory Management with Fishbowl Inventory.
Web Enabled Text Editing with Zoho Writer.
Embedded Maps like Google Maps.
Security with Google Captcha.

We also have developed custom APIs for our customers to handle their internal database management, interacting across different applications, and much more. Whatever the API, we can integrate it into your project.


Data Analysis

We have experience developing scripts for data analysis in addition to having an engineer on staff with experience in data extraction from large data sets. Some examples of our scripts are as follows:

Extracting GPS data from drones and compiling the results to create path information.

Harvesting image and text information from Google Ads from over 1 million websites and aggregating the results into a NoSQL database for analysis.

Extracting data from inconsistently formatted excel sheets and combining them into a single database for analysis. Data was a collection of user information gathered from trade shows which the customer wanted to be able to easily query for marketing and sales purposes.


Web Development

We have a long history of working on complex web applications for our customers. Some of our current and past projects include:

We took an existing app which was non-functional and completed the front-end and back-end integration. We transitioned the site from GoDaddy to AWS. We further developed the site to manage auto transcription by uploading audio files through the website or email, allow customers to call into the site to dictate there directly, manage billing, edit Microsoft Word documents through the web interface, and manage user credentials.

Working with an existing site we improved the existing features of the site, added a blogging capability, integrated stripe to manage payments, integrated Google Maps, and upgraded the site from Python 2.7 to 3.6.

We took an existing project for this customer which was non-functional and had it accepting and processing sales within 6 weeks. We have continued to develop this site, creating a tool which is entirely hosted on AWS, and manages products, quotes, orders, shipping, sales, and inventory. It is also integrated with other 3rd party apps such as Fishbowl, QuickBooks Online, Forte, and ShipHawk.

Fast Partitions is a company that was recently acquired by CDF. We are taking the existing CDF website/application and converting it to support Fast Partitions. This includes variablizing the cosmetic features of the site such as coloring, logo, and command messaging. We are also expanding and adjusting site capabilities to support the new product lines and making them reverse compatible with the existing CDF website/application.


Mobile App Development

We were able to take an existing application written for a mobile phone and port it to work on a Zebra Scanner attached to a laser scanner application to scan printed labels. We have also written scripts for this company to manage label printing.

We created a mobile app for this company which connected to their web application to record and store dictation audio files. The application was developed for both Android and iOS.


Firmware Development

We have provided firmware development to control animatronic devices for an escape room. These devices utilized components such as sensors and motors which our firmware needed to control and react to. We developed this capability 100% remotely without having the specific hardware on hand to test, instead relying on providing code to the customer and having them perform testing. While this is not ideal for firmware development, it can be done if there is a need by the customer.


Process Engineering

We have experience planning projects and processes to optimize your company’s productivity. Members of our staff have experience working with and planning large projects which require negotiating customer requirements, product development, qualification testing, manufacturing, acceptance testing, and product deployment. We can provide you with guidance for how to improve your internal processes to work with the tools we develop for you as well as your existing tools to make sure you are maximizing the gain for your investment.

Some of the specific areas we can support are:

Configuration Management to make sure that your data is trusted by using tools and processes which ensure that adjustments to your data are approved before they are changed.

Inventory Management to organize the products that you have and to make sure that you are only selling what is available.

Roles and Responsibilities to make sure that information is getting to the right people efficiently and that your workloads are divided properly to maximize your productivity.


UI/UX & Graphic Design

We have experienced graphic designers on staff which are able to provide a range of graphic design solutions and UI/UX development for your target audience.

We offer logo design by providing you with mockups based on your needs and the needs of your planned customer base.

We provide wireframes of your design to help us come to an agreement on the format before you spend money developing something you don’t want.

Our staff stays up to date with the most recent trends so they can offer you solutions that your customers will appreciate, while always seeking to innovate and be on the cutting edge of design.

We can provide illustrations for a broad range of applications, from website backgrounds and advertisements to art for your personal enjoyment.


Documentation & Technical Writing

We have staff experienced in technical writing which can provide you with documentation for your product. Whether it is a product you’ve developed, or something we have developed for you, we can make sure that you have guides for tool usage, maintenance, and a description of the design.


Quality Assurance

Our staff is experienced in working through bugs and identifying issues before your customers will. We can provide continued quality assurance of your projects to make sure that the user experience continues to be as seamless as possible.

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